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I've been postponing watching the new season of Merlin.  I've been afraid.  There are universes that I love so much that I can hardly bear to watch or read other people mess with them.  The chance that they'll fuck it up terrifies me.  (This is true even of the original creators of universes--I loved The Demon's Lexicon so much I put off reading the sequel for months, just in case it didn't live up to my dreams.  (It did.  Read Brennan's books, for they are excellent!)  The invective my friends and I have thrown at Chris Carter, Joss Whedon, and Kripke would stun a sailor.)  I love Arthurian myth so, so much, and the writers of Merlin can be ham-handed and thoughtless as often as not.  So it took me a while to steel myself.

Spoilers for the Tears of Uther Pendragon )
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wealhtheow: Picture of Gwen from Merlin with the words "Future HQIC" (GwenFromMerlin)
Spoilers for Merlin ep 2.11, The Witch's Quickening, below.

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I love Arthurian legend, but I cannot stand the old-school Christianity and sexism intermixed with it.  The whole "you lose your kingdom cuz your wife loves another man" plot is infuriating.  It's astonishingly stupid that pretty much all of King Arthur's problems are apparently because of non-marital sex.  For people with no problem with open relationships or childless marriages or pre-marital sex, the whole Tragedy of Arthur is pretty much a farce.  So despite my love, there are very few Arthurian tales I actually *like*: Mary Stewart's Crystal Cave series, Jo Walton's King series, the first two-thirds of The Once and Future King, a few others.  (And god, if you have other recommendations, PLEASE give them to me.)  The BBC's new "Merlin" has steered pretty clear of romance thus far, so they've avoided the usual pitfalls.  But Alas!

Spoilery thoughts on the 2.04 episode of "Merlin" below the cut.
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