Wiscon 35

May. 30th, 2011 05:15 pm
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Just got back from Wiscon, where I had, as ever, a wonderful time.  At this point the con is mostly an excuse to see far-flung friends, eat decadent desserts, and listen to smart people talk about topics ranging from forced sterilization to 90s cartoons.  (The 90s cartoon panel, "Animated Revolutions," was both the last event of the con for me and one of the best panels I went to.  I definitely have to watch She-Ra after the discussion it prompted!  Judging from the talk at "Sibling to the Revenge of Not Another Fucking Race Panel," the new My Little Pony cartoon is also a lot of fun, but I'm a little more leery of it...)  This year there were tributes to Joanna Russ,  all beautiful and insightful.  I never seek information on the personal lives of artists I love, but I was glad to have it in this case.  

I think the only caveat I have about Wiscon is that after 4 days of panels, I leave feeling a bit lectured-at.  I don't like the idea of sitting in front of people and trying to be clever/insightful/experienced in a field.  It just doesn't appeal.  And so by the end of the con I've spent something like twenty hours just listening to other people's opinions.  Generally they're all opinions I'm very glad to have heard, but still. 

The upside to all this sitting and listening is that I found a good number of new people whose brains I like.  I've gone on a bit of a friending spree on dreamwidth, actually, so I look forward to having an even more fascinating dreamwidth reading list.
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This weekend nerds from all over descended upon Roosevelt University's beautiful building in downtown Chicago. There was crafting, a block printing workshop, a LARP, dessert salon, board gaming--and of course, panels all day. For someone like me, who adores political, thoughtful discourse on geeky topics, a con like Think Galacticon (or the con that inspired it, Wiscon), is like Disneyland. In fact, experiences like these have spoiled me for most cons. As a kid, I was so pleased to meet other, "grown-up" geeks that I enjoyed huge cons that focus on the dealers' room and a famous actor. But nowadays I find the crowds overwhelming, meeting a famous actor or stunt person less enthralling, and the obvious commercial aspect off-putting. I can buy pretty much anything off of the internet--what I can't get is in-depth, face-to-face discussions with twenty people about disability in Star Trek or superheroes' totalitarianism.

Therefore, thank goodness for TG and Wiscon!


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