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Two episodes in to the HBO adaptation of GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire.  Gotta say, I am not loving it.  The cast is pure awesome (though I can't wait till Daenyris's actress is given more to do than look wide-eyed and hurt/aroused) and the crew has done a fabulous job on making the world feel real and lived in.

But I am just so sick of stories in which the world or country descends into chaos and barbarism.  Oh look, the bad people in charge are misusing their power, and the few good people in charge are too ineffectual/burned-out/disinterested to stop them.  Oh look, ladies, the poor, and those who don't fit the ideal are constantly ignored and mistreated.  Oh look, the poor are completely powerless.
Wow, that's something I haven't seen before.  So glad this show is getting a full two seasons (at least) to really roll around in the miserable muck!

I'd feel better about the show if I didn't know we've got at least another few seasons of this suffering to slog through.  I mean, the four books out now are basically one long "and then terrible things happen to everyone" ramble.  I am not looking forward to watching what's coming go down.  At least while reading the books, I can still hope.  But watching the series, I already know.  I have no reason to hope.  And I just want it to be *over*.


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