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I've been rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation from the beginning, and it's a real mind-trip.  The last time I saw the first season,  I was seven or eight.  (Wiki tells me this show premiered in 1987, so it must have been reruns.)  It's far better than I expected, although I yell at the screen pretty continually.  So many plot holes, omg.  I try very hard not to pay attention to the science, as it would drive me mad.  The show clearly hasn't really figured out how the 24th century works, yet.  Most episodes in the first season contradict other episodes, or make no sense in light of later events.  But there are more good points than I remembered.  The minor characters are far more likely to be old, fat, or people of color than most modern tv. 

And strangely, seeing the show as an adult has made me drastically change my feelings about the characters.  I've always loved Picard, Data, and Worf--I think most TNG fans do.  But weirdly, Worf has very few lines; mostly he just stands in the background of the bridge.  Tasha Yar, who I disliked as a kid, is very capable and gets the most lines and action of any female character.  She's professional, handy, admits to sexual desire but doesn't let it interfere with her duties (a nice surprise for such a sexless show).  Geordi La Forge, whose technical expertise made him sort of a deus ex machina in the later seasons, gets a number of good emotional moments and characterization.  Wesley Crusher was super cool when I was a kid, but an annoying do-gooder now that I watch as an adult.  And Dr. Crusher  is the worst doctor in the entire galaxy.  When people start getting sick on board the Enterprise, it never occurs to her that disease can be passed from person to person. What! 


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