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Yuletide noms are starting!  You can nominate fandoms here if you're thinking of participating.  I'm excited about fic for:

The 13th Warrior--I studied Old English back in the day (hence the username), and I love exploring that old Germanic thang, when the world was mysterious and horrible, and only by holding steadily to tradition and fealty could you survive.  There's this epic weight to everything, but simultaneously, a lot of humor and wordplay.  Plus, the actors in the movie are so, so pretty. 

Marge Piercy - Woman on the Edge of Time--this is one of my very favorite books, and it contains one of my very favorite utopias

Scott Lynch - The Gentleman Bastard Sequence--I want more of this series, and I would drown a kitten in a barrel of horse piss to get it.  Locke and his fellows are fascinating, but the world itself is incredible.  Plus, the female characters keep dying, so I'd love to explore a woman's perspective on it all.

Sherwood Smith - Inda series -- Queer poly relationships are totally normal, nobody poops (they just magic the waste right out of themselves!), and anyone can have a baby with anyone else.  The king is desperately in love with his straight war-chief.  Women know a secret fighting style and language they use to protect the castles from invaders.  Plus, vikings!

Touching Evil US -- angst+snark+procedural show+pretty main character=lots of fun

Ysabeau S Wilce - Flora Segunda series --I cannot describe how much I love this series; it is the bestest thing in the world and I want to tattoo every word onto my skin.  Read the books!  Then write some fic!

How awesome could this be?  So very, very awesome.


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