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I just watched the first two episodes of season 4 of Misfits (the season that's airing now, I mean). 

Misfits is a UK show about a band of disaffected young people charged with community service for commiting various offenses.  On their first day, a storm gives them all super powers.  Some of them are traditional powers, like turning invisble or reading minds, and others are less so (like the power to do telekinesis with all dairy products!).  The characters are mostly self-absorbed slackers with quick come-backs and few moral qualms.   I liked the turn on traditional superhero stories, and particularly loved Kelly, who was low-class, quick to throw a punch (in fact, she was the bruiser/defender of the group--even the physically fit guys jump out of the way and call for her to do the dirty fighting), and underneath it all, a really good and empathic person.  In the third season, she traded her power in for the power of being a rocket scientist, and then spend the rest of the season saying things like "Duh. I'm a fucking rocket scientist" in the most chav-tastic accent possible.  It was a thing of beauty.

Sadly, the actress who played Kelly was charged with a racist assault and dropped from the show, and a bunch of the other actors skived off to other jobs, so only one of the original cast is still on the show.  Instead there are all these foul mouthed ugly white dudes making faces and trying to out-do each other in terms of how tasteless and borderline sexual assault-y they can get.  I just don't care about their bullshit "adventures" any longer, so I'm dropping the show from my rotation. 


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