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1x02:  A Will o' the Wisp asks Bo to get his treasure back from the human who stole it.  Favorite bits: the headless assassins
1x03: Bo and Kenzi go undercover to find a missing college student.  Favorite bits: Kenzi's reaction to finding out Bo slept with Dyson (adorable dancing!  "you lurrrve him!" no personal space boundaries!)

So far, Bo is stupid stupid stupid and incompetent as hell.  She's spent the last ten years on the run, right?  Shouldn't she have some basic street smarts by now?  She's investigated two separate mysteries in the last two episodes, and both times she A)used her magical seducto powers on innocent women and B)used Dyson's police info instead of making her own contacts, investigating, or looking it up herself.  She asks him for info she could just google!  Gah!  I'm troubled by her lack of skills beyond her seducto power.  Her cavalier attitude toward the seducto powers is another, even more troubling issue.  Hopefully she'll start looking for ways to control it and talking to other succubi and incubi.

Every scene with Kenzi in it is pure gold.  Scenes with the blond doctor, ditto.  I will continue to watch in hopes of more adorability between Bo and Kenzi.  Plus the aesthetics are nice, I like the use of non-obvious fae like kappas, and the creator, writer and executive producer seems like she's put thought and heart into the show.  Hopefully this is one of those shows, like Buffy or TNG, that spends the first season doing silly, obvious MOTW type plots and then develops into something rich and interesting over time.

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