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I am too overcome to properly know what to think!

I loved the little flashes of other parts of time and space--every one of those stories, from the vigilante-Victorian-Silurian-swordswoman to the nurse-Santaran in that pseudo-Napoleonic war, could easily have been an episode. 

Rory is so badass, homg. 

Amy is so badass, homg.

The faces Matt Smith makes!  So many expressions!  And his limbs, pin-wheeling around!  He looked really old, for most of this episode.  Not that he had lines on his face, but the way his eyes were hooded, and his mouth looked lipless--like we were mostly seeing a skull with hair and burning eyes.  It made the joyous boyishness he showed when he figured out River's identity/Melody's fate mean even more.

That one moment when the baby dissolves--even though we knew it was coming, it was horrifying.

That poor soldier girl!  I am almost certain we'll see her again, probably in the next episode, which I presume is going to be in the Gamma-Forest (or whatever it's called).  I think we'll see her as a child, possibly as a playmate of Melody's or something, and the Doctor will appear fresh out of this episode.  This episode was clearly not the end of the Good Man Goes to War as a storyline--not just because Melody's still missing, but also because we need more to create the legend of the Doctor, to make the idea of "Doctor" meaning "warrior" in the forest's language make sense, to provide reason for there to be a freaking song/poem about this event.  (The Doctor's ideas of retribution and punishment are more interesting, this season--in the Family of Blood he threw people into black holes and such, whereas now he makes them (or their clones) live amongst others and be an object lesson.)   

Truthfully, I'd hoped that River was a future incarnation of Doctor, but the rampant fan speculation that she's Melody Pond is correct.  That's still pretty exciting!  Can you imagine having Rory, Amy and the Doctor as parents?  No wonder she became Space!Indiana Jones! 

Also, if River can regenerate, please please please can we go back in time and somehow undo her stupid, horrible, hateful death in the Silence in the Library?  I hate thinking of her eternally putting cute children to sleep in a virtual world.  She had so little time to see anything or do anything in the real world!  Or maybe it's her final regeneration, and she's actually had, like, thirteen lifetimes of awesomeness?  That's a fairly satisfying interpretation as well...  

I am so excited about the next episode!


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