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The opening was fabulous ("bite down on this").  I think we can all agree that more episodes should begin like that.  I know that I, personally, fully intend to watch the opening like seven hundred times in the next week. 

After that, not much happened.  Samuel and Dean stood around trying to out-Alpha Male each other.  Sam flared his nostrils periodically.  The Alpha Vamp turned out to be fabulous and creepy.  I hope we see more of him!  (Kinda iffy on how his escape scene played out, which looked like a bunch of white men hunting down an escaping black man...plus I think we're all pretty sick of the only men of color on Supernatural being dead and/or evil.  But he was an absolutely fantastic actor who sold me 100% on his character, so I can't regret his being cast.) 

And Crowley showed up, which I'm always pleased about.  He doesn't give a shit if Sam&Dean love each other or trust each other or feel hurt that Daddy loved one of them best or whatever, he just wants to be top dog.  I find his unbridled ambition delightfully entertaining.  He and Cas are characters who just don't care what other people expect them to do, or expect them to care about.  They do what suits them.    

One thing I don't get is why the other hunters are so cold to Dean.  I get that he hasn't been around recently, but he's been hunting for something like 20 years, takes one year off after saving the world, and for that he's persona non grata?  Whereas some old dude who no one even *knows* because he's been dead for forty years shows up and is King of the Heap after a year?  I know Samuel knows a lot of hunting lore, but surely A)someone else would think there was something hinky about interrogating monsters about the afterlife and B)someone would find his miraculous resurrection a little suspicious.  Given how much trouble the Winchester brothers have had with other hunters after their own resurrections, I'm surprised at how blase everyone is about Samuel's inexplicable Lazarus routine. 

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