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Live Free and Twihard was not a great episode.  Much like Two and Half Men, it had all these fannish touches that I both really appreciated but felt a little nonplussed seeing in canon.  Like, Sam&Dean take care of a baby?  And hilarity and bonding ensue?  That was weird.  And then in the vampire episode, Dean gets manhandled and blood smeared across his mouth and then gets all suicidal while Sam is all controlled and slightly evil.  Classic.  It pretty much felt like Leonideslion and half the hurt_dean lj com took over the show.  Obviously I am not complaining about that!  If there is one thing I like better than pretty, capable men in intense but non-sexual relationships with their partner (why yes, my intro to fandom was the X-files, why do you ask?), it is bloodied, pretty, capable men in intense but non-sexual relationship with their partner (who is possibly fucking with their head).  So that was nice. 

Not so nice?  The episode took the whole "vampires are a metaphor for our combined fear and fascination with sexuality" thang way too damn far by combining it with actual, textual, rape.  Lots and lots of rape.  Right after mocking the rape victims because they had terrible taste in poetry and boys, and right before Dean slaughters the aforementioned rape victims.   So yeah, that left a bad taste in my mouth.

Rant done, I promise!

You can't handle the truth! 
I loved the interplay between Dean and Castiel in this episode, not least because A)I am far more interested in the war in heaven than Sam&Dean's endlessly messed-up relationship and B)it is hilarious to hear Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins try to out Batman-voice each other. 
The plot was classic motw--my roommate and I had fun figuring out what the connection between the victims were.  
I also liked Dean and Lisa's exchange, from the start when Dean (after looking practically gleeful at the prospect of hearing Bobby and Sam's truth) tried to avoid her call to the end, when she laid out her very reasonable problem with Sam&Dean's relationship.  I admit to foolishly hoping they'd stay together.  She provided a useful breath of the outside world, complete with ability to problem-solve and talk through problems instead of drinking about them.  But I can't say she made the wrong choice.  Even if Dean had explained that he'd been turning into a vampire, I'm not sure that would have helped his case any.  Lisa's priority needs to be her son's safety, and Dean's presence really does jeopardize that. 

Meanwhile!  Sam&Dean!  I liked seeing Sam loom some more--I make fun of Jared Padalecki flaring his nostrils and suchlike, but he does do intimidation well.  The little interchange when Dean asks Sam for the truth and you can almost see it stick in Sam's throat--he makes this little glottal noise that worked well. 
Cannot say I liked Dean beating his little brother's face in.  After the shit Sam has put Dean through, a few punches are fair--but that went overboard.  The abrupt cut to the credits made it feel even more uncomfortable.  I really, really want this show to go back to the brothers having a slightly twisted but overall functional relationship, as soon as narratively possible.  I want more brothers throwing guns and ammo at each other in perfect, trusting sync, and less face-beating-in.  Y'know, generally.

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The abrupt cut to the credits made it feel even more uncomfortable.

Yes, thanks for pointing this out. I felt that they were trying to recapture the ending of 2.02 here, but Sam =/= Impala.


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