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So two new spy shows premiered recently, both treading fairly well-worn ground.  Undercovers is about a married couple who are pulled away from their catering business and back into being CIA spies.

I liked the main characters, and it has some fun banter.  The main problem I had was how easy everything feels--there's no tension about whether they'll succeed in their mission, or whether one will betray the other.  I want divided loyalties, no-holds-barred fights, and twisting plot-lines!  Luckily, it's by JJ Abrams (and yes, there was at least one lens flare in the very first episode), so it's got a better-than-average chance of getting more complicated as it goes along.  The only real problem I had with it is Sam (the wife) seems to wear very high heels in every scene.  If you're roaming the rooftops of Paris, are you really going to be wearing four inch heels?  It seems unwise.  Overall, high cheese factor plus boring plot means I don't feel much need to watch more of this.  It might be a nice comfort to watch while sick or tired, though, because it is cute and it doesn't need much attention. 

Nikita is a remake of La Femme Nikita (which was both a French film and a 90s TV show).  All three have badass heroines who take a lot of damage and dish it right back out (which is pretty much a bullet-proof love of mine). But after seeing the first episode of Nikita, I decided I'd be better off just rewatching the original tv show.   2010 Nikita feels so much slower, and all the plot twists seem obvious.  For twisted schemes, a truly creepy organization, and unparalleled UST, check out the LFN that started in 1997, instead.  It's a little dated, but so much more satisfying.  For instance:
Birkoff was adorable!


Big fan.  Sure, he had Duncan Macleod hair for most of the series, but he does "cryptic and emotionally distant" like he invented it.  And they put him in tight leather trousers pretty regularly, which I appreciated.  The fashion in LFN was a cross between goth, street, and just plain lulzy, but always, always, entertaining. season 1 clothes

And of course, there was Nikita.  No matter the incarnation, she is mischievous, compassionate, heroic.   A heroine worth watching.



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